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Project Outlines

1) An Exhibit on the Life of Mary Washington [MW]

Jenn Arndt
Caitlin Donnelly
Stephanie Lefferts
Kari Wilson

Creating a site that involves writing and posting a fully cited online museum about the life of Mary Washington that incorporates the following:

– History of Mary Washington’s life and her experiences, especially in Fredericksburg

— A map of some kind related to Mary Washington’s life.

The project may also logically include:

— Electronic linked timeline of her life

2) Civil War Fredericksburg — City of Hospitals [CWF]

Taylor Brann
Katelyn Lease
Megan McMillan
Lauren Milner

Working with Dr. John Hennessey, NPS Chief Historian, and using primary sources, this group will create an exhibit that explores the many places used as hospitals in Civil War Fredericksburg.  This project would probably include:

— A map of some kind related to hospitals/events in Civil War Fredericksburg.

— A discussion of the events in Civil War Fredericksburg

— A brief history of medical technology and treatments in the Civil War

The project may also logically include:

– Create electronic linked timeline of events in Civil War Fredericksburg.

3) James Monroe Papers [JMP]

Lexy deGraffenreid
Seth Mintzer
MacKenzie Murphy
Chris Wright

With assistance from Dr. Dan Preston, head of the James Monroe Papers, and building on the work of the previous JMP group from 2008.

– Create web site to house the complete index/catalog of the James Monroe Papers, based on conversations with Dr. Preston

– Link (and digitize if necessary) James Monroe Papers resources to that index.

— Create a map of some kind related to James Monroes’s life.

– Build on previously created electronic linked timeline of Monroe’s life and family to link to Monroe

4) Identifying Images from UMW/MWC’s Past [Images]

Caryn Levine
Mary Ann Mackey
Megan Whiteaker
Jonathan Wigginton

With assistance from Prof. Bill Crawley’s history of UMW, Mary Washington Yearbooks, the MW Alumni Association, IT Specialist Patrick Murrayjohn, and archivist Carolyn Parsons, this group will work to identify as many images as possible from those scanned in as part of the UMW Centennial Collection.  []

This group will:

— Contact alumni for assistance in identifying people, events, and locations of various images

— Develop a way to allow alumni to easily see images and enter information about them.

— Work with Carolyn Parsons to enable new information about images to be entered into the UMW image collection

— Create a map for campus that relates in some useful way to the images in the collection.

The project may also logically include:

– Electronic linked timeline of MWC/UMW’s history [This may or may not build off of the timeline developed for 2008 UMW History Group.]

— Presentations of newly identified images in museum style online exhibits


— Work with students from Dr. Hanna’s Mapmaking Class to help create an electronic map tailored to your group’s project.

— Fully cite all sources (images and text content) and offer an extensive and annotated bibliography for further reading.