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Fredericksburg City of Hospitals Project

City of Hospitals

Mission Statement:

In May, 1864 there was a mass evacuation of sick and wounded Union soldiers through the small city of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Most of the wounded came from the Battle of the Wilderness and the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House. The entire city was and both public and private buildings housed soldiers. We want our site to inform students, teachers and people with an interest in the Civil War and local Fredericksburg history about a moment in time that is not widely known. Through interpretation of primary and secondary sources we want to educate the public and provide them with online access to these sources.


We will use Omeka as the platform for our site. A plan for the site is shown below. Along with Omeka, we will use Simile Exhibit to create our timeline. The timeline will note important dates relevant to the wounded being evacuated through Fredericksburg. These dates will include: the dates of the battles, the time in which the people we chose to profile were there, evacuation times, as well as some important dates of the Civil War so visitors to the site know the time frame for this period of history. Our timeline may link to some of our uploaded documents and to our profile sections. Along with the timeline we will have a couple of maps on the site, as described below.

Proposed Omeka Layout

Main- General background
Section- battle, battle map
Section- evacuation of wounded
Section- timeline
Main– Fredericksburg as a Hospital
Section- period medicine
Section- interactive map
Section- hospital conditions
Section- “Now and Then” photos
Section- profiles on officers/doctors
Main- Civilian-supported relief
Section- Gettysburg wounded as Gettysburg was the first example of a more intense civilian supported relief in the United States
Section- Sanitary Commission, with people profiles
Section- Christian Commission, with people profiles
Main- Women’s roles
Section- reform movement
Section- work at hospitals
Section- people profiles
Main- Local civilian response
Section- positive reactions
Section- negative


We will have a map of Fredericksburg as it would have looked during the evacuation time. This will be an interactive map which will allow visitors to click on the hospitals that we choose to emphasize. By clicking a hospital on the map it will take the user to the page we create about the selected hospital or a photo of the building as it is today. The map will be designed by our group and created by Dr. Hanna’s geography class. When the mapmakers have completed the map, we will edit it into sections to make it linkable, and upload it to our site. We will learn how to make the map interactive by meeting with the technology department on campus.

We will have a map(s) following the battles relevant to the project, namely the Battle of the Wilderness and the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House. The map(s) will include information about the battle, such as movement of troops, as well as follow the path of the evacuated wounded into and out of Fredericksburg. We will use pre-existing maps of the battles that the map making students can expand on as they insert the evacuation route of the wounded through the area.

March 4: Complete the basic set up of our Omeka site.

March 9: Finalize the map idea by this date. Upload primary source documents to Omeka site. Finalize who we will highlight in profiles.

March 11: Finish with the reading and analyzing of primary and secondary sources and collect the dates for the timeline as well as general information.
March 18: Determine copyright information.
Week of March 22: Take pictures downtown and post them on the website. Background information/interpretation written by this time.
March 23: Complete timeline, embed timeline onto Omeka site.

March 25: Edit written information/interpretations.

March 30: Upload written interpretations into each section of the Exhibits.
April 1: Upload maps onto Omeka site.

April 6: Link uploaded primary items to relevant exhibits, add links to the timeline, and link “Now” pictures to the Fredericksburg hospital map.

April 15: Have publicity flyers ready for distribution.

Week of April 19: Distribute publicity about the website.

April 22: Final editing of Omeka site.

Division of Labor:

Background research and background exhibits – Everyone

Research, exhibits, timeline date collection for hospital grounds and local civilian response – Katelyn, Lauren

Research, exhibits, timeline date collection for civilian supported relief and women’s roles – Megan, Taylor

Current pictures of downtown Fredericksburg – Everyone

Uploading “Now and Then” Fredericksburg pictures – Lauren

Preparing spreadsheet for Simile timeline – Katelyn

Making timeline – Taylor

Making the interactive map – Megan

Making publicity flyers – Katelyn