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Complete project links

Okay, other than a few minor fixes to be done. the projects are ready to be seen by the outside world. o   UMW Images through the Ages – o   Civil War Fredericksburg  — o   James Monroe Papers — o   Life and Legacy of Mary Ball Washington  —

Assessment criteria for digital history projects

Group contract grade (5% of course grade): —  Based on quality of original proposal and on need to make changes made to proposal since then. Project Evaluation Group Grade (25% of course grade): — Includes site design, information architecture, accuracy (including citations), content, proofreading, usability, and overall impressions Individual Grade (25% of course grade): — […]

Write a post before class today!

…based on the impact of the trend toward the digitization of everything.  😉

One more thing to look at for Data-mining discussion

Check out this brief piece from the Dec. 2009 Wired on literature and data-mining.

Wikipedia Changes, the Movie

Katelyn reminded me of this video made about the changes on a Wikipedia page about Heavy Metal.  It’s worth checking out for a visual representation of the changes that happen over time.

Follow up to our discussion today

Link to contracts from 2008 class A familiar scene, with new words:

First Weekend

You survived the first week.  What now? — Write and publish first blog post introducing yourself and explaining why you took this class. — Use Google Reader to subscribe to this course blog, the blogs of the people in class (listed in the blogroll to the right), and two history blogs from Cliopatria’s blogroll ( […]

New class coming soon

This is the site for the Spring 2010 senior history seminar, Adventures in Digital History at the University of Mary Washington.  More coming soon!